News Flash……

Five Major Reasons Why Homeowner Rates are Rising:

 1.  Severe Weather…Ohio has been having more severe weather including tornadoes & hurricane winds.  Even winter storms have caused a lot of damage.  Severe weather is expected to continue.

2.  Increasing Cost to Rebuild…The cost of rebuilding a home that’s been damaged or destroyed has increased.  Often more expensive than the cost of new construction or general rate of inflation.

3.  Investment Decreases…Like everyone else, insurance companies are getting much less return on their investments and this is money that would otherwise be used to help keep rates down.

4.  Rising Premiums For Reinsurance…The premiums for Reinsurance (insurance for the insurance company) are rising too so homeowner insurance rates are going up to help cover the increased cost.

5.  Misc Items…A few other things are driving up rates as well.  Things like the cost of replacing your personal property, additional living expenses, litigation for liability and fighting fraud.

Source:  Insurance Information Institute